Green energy for everyone

There are 7 partners within the the project team from across the EU.

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) fosters one of the most progressive learning environments in Ireland.

Our reach is both local and international; attracting a diverse student body of more than 4,000 students from Ireland and 31 countries across the globe. They choose LYIT because of our unique ethos that harnesses academic excellence with career-focused practical experience. It’s an approach that positions our students for future success in line with their aspirations.

We also foster close relationships with the wider local community. Our engagement and partnerships with indigenous and international businesses leaders strengthens our student’s prospects in tandem with the prosperity of the region’s economy.

Our modern integrated campuses in Letterkenny and Killybegs aren’t just gateways to a bright future, but to one of the most breathtaking corners of the world – with Donegal named National Geographic’s ‘Coolest Place on the Planet 2017’.


Skilliant cvba stems from the vocational training center Syntra West, which was founded in 1960 and which has been offering ever since apprenticeships, entrepreneurial trainings, specialising training modules and in-company trainings for (to be) professionals as from the age of 15. Since 2014, Skilliant was founded as an autonomous training company and took over part of Syntra West’s activities: Skilliant was charged with the professional open courses as well as the in-company courses for SME’s and large companies in all fields, clustered into Design and media, Building and Techniques, Personal Care and Management. Skilliant disposes of 2 brands: the ’SBM’ brand stands for Skills For Companies and their Workforce (Skills voor Bedrijven en Medewerkers). The ’Escala’ brand brings tailor-made trainings to the non-profit sector (hospitals, municipalities, etc.).

As a relatively young organisation, Skilliant inherited a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge from its founder Syntra West. Our organisational expertise, supported by 50 employees, and ISO-certified systems build the turntable for state-of-the-art professional trainings offered by 1909 free-lance trainers in 6 campuses to 35.000 individuals, SME’s and professional partners per year (resulting in an annual total of 1,5 million training hours).


Scalda is an institution for secondary vocational education and education for adults in the region of Zealand.

Scalda offers a wide range of education, courses and trainings. Scalda has its educations centered in 9 “clusters” of training, (focus on Sports, Economics, Education, food service industry, Tourism and Food, ICT and Electrics, Maritime, Technique, Welfare and Care and into 15 colleges.

Scalda has signed a declaration of intent with EduDelta College Goes in order to fuse in August 2018, which will lead to the offering of “green education” in due time.

Not only youngsters and adults take part in the trainings of Scalda. Also companies and institutions can use our facilities. On demand Scalda offers specific and specifically aimed educational routes.

Scalda is established in Vlissingen, Middelburg, Goes, Zierikzee, Tholen and Terneuzen and offers education to 8000 secondary vocational education students. Considering the Wind department  8 teachers and managers are involved.

Energy Innovation

Energy Innovation AS is a joint stock company founded in 2016 by Egersund Energy Base AS. In 2016, an emission was performed and the share capital of Rogaland County Council was increased by 40 %, German BZEE GmbH 20 %, German SkyWind GmbH 20 % and Egersund Energy Base 20 %. Wind power is the focus area in the initial phase, based on extensive ongoing development and activity, both in the region of South-West Norway, and in the rest of the country.

Energy Innovation has also worked on several initiatives related to potential development projects in both solar energy, bioenergy and energy efficiency. Energy Innovation’s business concept is the development and establishment of a centre for operation and maintenance, research and development and training in renewable energy, on- and offshore. The centre has been named Egersund Energy Hub, and is to be established at Langholmen in Egersund. Energy Innovation has three visions:
Egersund Energy Hub will be the leading HSE, training, research and development centre for wind technicians, both on- and offshore in the region.  

Egersund Energy Hub will be Norway’s leading innovation centre in wind power, and potential also other forms of renewable energy and green technology.

Egersund Energy Hub will establish a strong cluster of collocated technology companies, organisations and public education sharing both facilities and competence.

HSE and training centre: Egersund Energy Hub will offer education through the public education system in cooperation with Dalane Uper Secondary School/ Rogaland County Council as well as courses and certification to the commercial wind power industry with BZEE and GWO certification. Innovation: Egersund Energy Hub will facilitate innovation and development projects. The centre will organize and run projects on behalf of others, initiate projects themselves and gather relevant companies and environments for cooperation. Figur 1 Energy Innovations business model In May 2018 we will install a 30 metre high, very well equipped wind windspecific training tower at Langholmen In Egersund harbour. We then start to offer wind specific training for the industry. Energy Innovation has two employees at the moment, but the owners also put in a considerable amount of work. Several people will be hired when the centre is up and going.  


Established more than 200 years ago, TECHCOLLEGE is one of Denmark’s largest and most versatile providers of vocational education and training (VET) for youth as well as in-service and re-training of industry employees and unemployed.

TECHCOLLEGE is functioning as the corporate head quarter for a large group of trade related, professional colleges, which physically and organisationally are divided into three campuses.

TECHCOLLEGE is one of the largest providers of vocational education and training (VET) in Denmark. We offer initial vocational education and training (IVET) programmes for young people who would like to qualify for a profession from our wide palette of choices on offer – ranging from motor mechanic, to hairdresser and IT supporter. We offer in-service training and re-training for employees in the industry and for unemployed individuals, and we provide technical upper secondary education.

TECHCOLLEGE has approximately 3600 full time students and around 640 employees. Our tuition facilities comprise 11 individual daughter colleges

BZEE Academy

BZEE ACADEMY GmbH (BZEE) is the pioneer of wind energy training with more than 18 years of experience on the market. The BZEE network of licensed training providers is the only truly global training network in the field of wind energy training with more than 30 partners on 5 continents.

The BZEE standard is the world’s leading qualification standard for wind turbine technicians and is considered as the benchmark for training excellence in the industry.The BZEE network covers comprehensive modular courses developed by the industry for the industry delivered in realistic training environments by experienced professionals. All BZEE training providers are certified and meet the strict BZEE training provider criteria. Additionally, training providers are audited on a regular basis to ensure they always comply with BZEE standards. BZEE training courses focus on practical training on real turbines, as favoured by the industry, setting them apart from the many classroom-based courses on the market. Thus BZEE is making a marked contribution to the creation of qualified “green jobs” in an environmentally sustanable energy sector. 

BZEE is ISO29990 certified and is also an aligned partner of GWO. BZEE is a limited company with less than 10 full-time employees and has the mandate from the non-profit association BZEE e.V. to develop training courses for the wind industry.


With 15 different schools, approximately 13,000 students, 1,200 course takers and over 1,400 employees, Noorderpoort is one of the largest Regional Education Centres (Dutch: ROC) in the North of the Netherlands. We are based in the Province of Groningen and in Assen. Noorderpoort is large, but prefers focusing on ‘small.’ We have manageable-sized schools with individual characteristic features where everyone knows each other.

Secondary technical and vocational education (Dutch: mbo)
There is a choice of 170 mbo programmes from level 1 to 4. A level 1 programme (entry level) can be started without any qualification.

Company training and education
Noorderpoort also offers adults retraining or further education. We offer a comprehensive range in various fields such as technology, health care and the professional service sector. Moreover, all our mbo training courses of the BBL variety are accessible to adults. BBL, the basic profession-oriented learning path (Dutch: basisberoepsgerichte leerweg), is the combination of working and learning.