Skilliant cvba stems from the vocational training center Syntra West, which was founded in 1960 and which has been offering ever since apprenticeships, entrepreneurial trainings, specialising training modules and in-company trainings for (to be) professionals as from the age of 15. 

Since 2014, Skilliant was founded as an autonomous training company and took over part of Syntra West’s activities: Skilliant was charged with the professional open courses as well as the in-company courses for SME’s and large companies in all fields, clustered into Design and media, Building and Techniques, Personal Care and Management. Skilliant disposes of 2 brands: the ’SBM’ brand stands for Skills For Companies and their Workforce (Skills voor Bedrijven en Medewerkers). The ’Escala’ brand brings tailor-made trainings to the non-profit sector (hospitals, municipalities, etc.).

As a relatively young organisation, Skilliant inherited a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge from its founder Syntra West. Our organisational expertise, supported by 50 employees, and ISO-certified systems build the turntable for state-of-the-art professional trainings offered by 1909 free-lance trainers in 6 campuses to 35.000 individuals, SME’s and professional partners per year (resulting in an annual total of 1,5 million training hours). 

Spoorwegstraat 14
8200 Brugge
Prov. West-Vlaanderen
Organisation type: School/Institute/Educational centre – Adult education

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